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It's a jungle out there: Predators, prey and protection in the online wilderness
Furnell SM, Ward J
Computer Fraud & Security, Volume 2008, Issue 10, October, pp3-6 , 2008
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It is no exaggeration that the internet is host to a range of threats, with problems afflicting individuals and organisations alike. For example, the 2008 Information Security Breaches Survey from the UK's Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform suggests that 76% of very large businesses suffered a serious security incident (with a significant proportion of the incident reporting categories being internet-related). Meanwhile, domestic users (many of whom instinctively consider themselves unlikely targets) are frequently shown to be at considerable risk. Example findings from a 2007 study by McAfee/NCSA suggest that 54% of 378 respondents had experienced a virus, while 44% believed their system currently contained spyware.

Furnell SM, Ward J