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Trust and Engagement in ICT Mediated Services: Understanding Public Perceptions
Lacohee H, Cofta P, Phippen AD, Furnell SM
Professional Education International (PEI), Chicago, Illinois, ISBN 978-1931695954. 350pp., 2008

"Understanding Public Perceptions: Trust and Engagement in ICT-Mediated Services" explores citizens' views on information systems security and how it can be better embedded into technological services. It compiles reliable models and data on e-commerce, privacy, and trust to explain these perspectives on ICT. It develops these findings into recommendations for policymakers and service providers to aid in developing an e-enabled society. By presenting a clear and structured picture of all the relevant issues at hand in on-line interactions, the authors wisely address the need to understand citizen thinking on on-line activity. With sound support in empirical research and with a solid relationship to theoretical developments, this book offers a unique set of structured, evidence-supported guidelines that are applicable to this important area of ICT.

Lacohee H, Cofta P, Phippen AD, Furnell SM