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Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Devices: Investigation on Calling Activity
Li F, Clarke NL, Papadaki M
Proceedings of the 8th Security Conference, April, Las Vegas, USA, 2009
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In recent years, an increasing focus has been given to the development of security controls to counter current existing mobile security threats; such as Anti-Virus and firewalls, which are both now commercially available. Nevertheless, with the increasing functionality of mobile devices, a need exists for more sophisticated security controls and research is focusing upon other security controls like Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Indeed, a number of research efforts on IDS for the mobile device have already been given. However, those mobile IDSs are designed to detect particular security threats related to individual service (e.g. telephony). The aims of this paper are firstly to identify the need for a novel mobile IDS which can provide detection for multiple services and support multi-networks simultaneously; and to identify the positive calling activities’ features to discriminate users. This paper begins with investigating the current research on mobile IDS with a view of examining the positive and negative aspects. The paper then processes to describe an experimental study on user’s calling activity. The experiment result shows that within the host environment, the number of calling, the time of calling and the duration of calling can be used to discriminate legitimate users and attackers. The paper will conclude with the future research for the mobile IDS.

Li F, Clarke NL, Papadaki M