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Creation of logic-linguistic structure defining the educational services of Atlantis University
Shauchenka H, Bleimann U, Knoll M, Clarke NL
Plymouth e-Learning Conference 2009, Plymouth, UK, 23-24 April, 2009
Abstract only publication.

This paper addresses the problem of defining educational services in the context of Atlantis University (virtual University providing new educational concepts). The educational services are the key product that attracts the customers. But this category does not have a consistent theoretical definition until now. At the same time educational services have received increasing attention from the university’s marketing departments as a key category that defines theirs policies. Definition’s uncertainty is an impediment to its effective activity. In light of this, the present paper provides the conceptualization attempt of the term “educational services”.</p>
<p>As an output is expected a logic-linguistic structure describing the educational services. This structure will consist from the main parameters, defining the educational services and arguments describing the parameters. Such a structure reflects the sense of term mostly correct, taking into account its compound and complicated nature. The most important elements of proposed methodology are:</p>
<li>Creation of linguistic description of the term “educational service”. To form the basis for this description is planned the analysis of the universities documentation, both manual and automatic websites analysis, questionnaires and others.
<li>The next step assumes the adaptation of this description to the Atlantis University’s marketing department.
<li>The weights setting and logical structuring accomplished structures creation.
<p>It should be also emphasized that this attempt will be done in the context of the tasks of Atlantis University’s marketing department. The definition of educational services and its description with the main parameters is a part of approach aimed to bring in the marketing department instrumental tools allowing to analyse customer’s response to the educational services of Atlantis University.

Shauchenka H, Bleimann U, Knoll M, Clarke NL