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Securing the next generation: enhancing e-safety awareness among young people
Atkinson S, Furnell SM, Phippen AD
Computer Fraud & Security, Volume 2009, Issue 7, pp13-19 , 2009
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Children and young people inhabit a fast-moving, ever-more-complex space, with interconnected technologies forming an underlying communications backbone. Not only do they have their mobile devices, but they are also surrounded by personal computers of many types, shapes and sizes. Moreover, as the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) report on media literacy illustrates, as young people grow into their teens they amass a large amount of their own technology. They may well have dedicated laptops and desktops along with digital TV and a selection of gaming consoles, all of which provide them with the means to go online.

Atkinson S, Furnell SM, Phippen AD