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Online Distance Learning: Expectations, Requirements and Barriers
Furnell SM, Evans MP, Phippen AD, Abu-Rgheff MA
Virtual University Journal, vol. 2, no. 2, 1999
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This paper discusses the specific experiences and findings observed from a feasibility study into the introduction of Online Distance Learning (ODL) for the delivery of a variety of technology-related M.Sc. modules and industrial short courses. The investigative approach is described, which included consultation with both the academic staff responsible for the delivery of the modules in a traditional face-to-face context and representatives from relevant industrial companies, to whom it is considered that ODL delivery may particularly appeal. These stages enabled a number of requirements and expectations to be assessed and the paper proceeds to discuss an overall ODL framework which has been devised in order to address them. The paper also draws attention to a number of potential barriers to ODL, which universities and other learning providers will need to address if their strategies are to be successful.

Furnell SM, Evans MP, Phippen AD, Abu-Rgheff MA