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Cyber Terrorism: The Political Evolution of the Computer Hacker
Warren MJ, Furnell SM
Proceedings of Australian Institute of Computer Ethics Conference 1999 (AICEC99), Melbourne, Australia, pp415-425, 14-16 July, 1999
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As the new millennium approaches, we are living in a society that is increasingly dependent upon information technology. However, whilst technology can deliver a number of benefits, it also introduces new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by persons with the necessary technical skills. Hackers represent a well-known threat in this respect and are responsible for a significant degree of disruption and damage to information systems. However, they are not the only criminal element that has to be taken into consideration. Evidence suggests that technology is increasingly seen as potential tool for terrorist organisations. This is leading to the emergence of a new threat in the form of ?cyber terrorists?, who attack technological infrastructures such as the Internet in order to help further their cause. The paper discusses the problems posed by these groups and considers the nature of the responses necessary to preserve the future security of our society.

Warren MJ, Furnell SM