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The research on a patch management system for enterprise vulnerability update
Zhao D, Furnell SM, Alayed A
International Conference on Information Engineering, ICIE 2009, 10-11 July, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, pp250-253, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3679-8, 2009
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Because of virus and worms which make use of vulnerability of computer systems, computer software is getting in trouble increasingly. Although there are opportunities to defend these attacks at an earlier stage, people undergo several serious disturbances because many administrators and users didn't realize the essentiality of the patch management. The paper designs and implements a patch management system for vulnerability precaution protection which can efficiently repair vulnerabilities of computer systems in time. Developing a vulnerability management system needs two steps: constructing a vulnerability analysis database and implementing vulnerability management system (VMS) application software. The vulnerability analysis database is constructed based on CVE, Microsoft and others to report vulnerabilities in standard result forms by updating newest information, and is organized to be suitable to the distributed enterprise network. The VMS suggested in this paper can provide fast and more accurate vulnerability repair and proper guidelines to corresponding vulnerabilities.

Zhao D, Furnell SM, Alayed A