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A new approach towards security training and awareness amongst the Healthcare Community
Warren MJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P
Informatics in Healthcare Australia, vol. 8, no. 1, pp20-26, 1999
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The aim of this paper is to try identify key security issues within
healthcare establishments (HCEs) and justify the need for training and
awareness programmes. Security with HCEs is extremely important and as such
the need to train users about security and raise general security awareness.

The paper describes a basic framework that HCEs could follow in setting up a
training and awareness framework. The paper also describes how relevant
security information may be disseminated to staff via the use of security
guidelines, training seminars and world-wide web based services.

The paper is based upon work that is currently being undertaken as part of
the European Union Health Telematics Project ISHTAR (Implementing Secure
Healthcare Telematics Applications in euRope) project.

Warren MJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P