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A distributed and cooperative user authentication framework
Hocking C, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of the 6th International Confernece on Information Assurance and Security (IAS 2010), Atlanta, USA, 23-25 August, pp304-310, 2010

As the requirement for companies and individuals to protect information and personal details comes more into focus, the implementation of security that goes beyond the ubiquitous password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) is paramount. With the ever growing number of us utilizing more than one device simultaneously, the problem and need is compounded. This paper proposes a novel approach to security that leverages the collective confidence of user identity held by the multiplicity of devices present at any given time. User identity confidence is reinforced by sharing established credentials between devices, enabling them to make informed judgments on their own security position. An Adaptive Security Control Engine (ASCE) is outlined, illustrating how an environment sensitive and adaptive security envelope can be established and maintained around an individual.

Hocking C, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Reynolds PL