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Comparing Intentions to Use University-Provided vs. Vendor-Provided Multibiometric Authentication in Online Exams
Levy Y, Ramim MM, Furnell SM, Clarke NL
Campus-Wide Information Systems, Vol. 28 Iss: 2, 2011

Concerns for information security in e-learning systems have been raised previously. In the pursuit for better authentication approaches, few schools have began implementing students’ authentication during online exams beyond passwords. However, such authentication approaches are provided by a third-party service vendor where the students’ information and biometric data are managed and stored on a third-party vendor’s servers. This study assessed e-learners intention to provide multibiometric data and use multibiometrics during online exams. Based on data collected from 163 e-learners from two institutions, we compared such measures when provided by their university versus by a third-party service vendor. The multibiometric discussed included fingerprint, face, and voice recognition.

Levy Y, Ramim MM, Furnell SM, Clarke NL