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Internet Security: A View from ISPs and Retailers
Shams R, Furnell SM
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security 6, ISBN: 978-1-84102-258-1, pp135-143, 2009
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This paper describes various the perceptions of internet security for home users from ISPs and Computer Retail stores in the UK. A research survey has been carried out focusing on selected largely subscribed ISPs in the UK and Computer Retailers in Plymouth and Exeter cities. The websites of the ISPs has been analyzed to measure the quality of information they offer with respect to various threats and vulnerabilities the home users are often posed to and also the information of security defense mechanisms the ISPs offer to home users to achieve optimum security. Computer Retailers were approached to measure the quality of IT Security information they offer to their everyday customers who are interested in buying personal computers and internet connections. It has been noticed from the past surveys that the users lack computer security application like Anti-virus, Firewall or Anti-spyware application which weakens the level of security on their home computers and personal information. This research work makes a sincere attempt to analyze the reasons for increase in cybercrime and decrease in the lack of user knowledge on information security. A set of brief media awareness suggestions for ISPs and Retailers has been offered which could perhaps help the home users to easily reach for information related to information security and cybercrime. The main goal of the research however, is to analyze the importance of the ISPs and Computer Retailers’ role in making the home users aware of online security.

Shams R, Furnell SM