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An Assessment of Security Advisory Website
Thomas J, Furnell SM
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security 6, ISBN: 978-1-84102-258-1, pp152-159, 2009
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Home users have been an interesting target for the hackers as home computers are always more vulnerable and less protected with the security software’s. Home users feel that security is not necessary to be maintained and is not their duty to maintain it. But at the same time home users do online banking and shopping and store valuable information in their systems which are very precious for the hackers, as they can earn money by selling it to third party. The research was carried out to assess the online security websites that the end-users normally access in getting help and also the online banking websites which the home users normally use for their daily purposes. The research found out that many websites did not prove to be useful as they ought to be. The websites were being developed in a way which the end-users normally, most of them who falls in the novice users would find it difficult. At the same time websites like Microsoft provided with a good structure of the contents thereby dividing into subsections for the better use of the end-users such that they could select what they want. But there was also some problems with the websites because there was much content in the websites, which may sometimes trouble users who are visiting the websites for the first time.

Most of the websites just provided links to some other websites for assessing the security, but did not mention anything much about the software and it’s functioning. The websites were just pointing to some common threats, thereby not giving any examples of how to deal with the problems apart from just mentioning the names. Many of the websites did not show any information about the last updates they made on the website there by leaving the users in a confused state of mind. Most websites did not mention the latest threats apart from Microsoft which releases patches and updates for all its products. The research also provided some safety tips for the end-users when connected to the internet.

Thomas J, Furnell SM