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Design and Development of Hard Disk Images for use in Computer Forensics
Siddiqui S, Clarke NL
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security 6, ISBN: 978-1-84102-258-1, pp234-242, 2009
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Educating people in new domains on new technologies requires good practise. But educating people has its own limitation as forensic is a very sophisticated job and it will not be sufficient to make an untrained person part of an investigation in order to get him trained because his less technical skills might cost loss of important evidences. Here the questions arrives then how to train and educate people about collecting digital evidences without involving them in real scenario and even if they get trained but it remains doubtful that either they would be enough capable of handling real crime situations or not. This research paper has been made on behalf of the research & experiment conducted on designing a forensic bit level image which would be useful for educating people about forensic examination. People can benefit from the designed image by evaluating their skills through trying to recover all possible artefacts. One of the main priorities of the research was to design an image which should look much closer to the images captured from the actual drives found on real crime scenes in order to provide users a much practical and professional experience. Presence of anti forensics artefacts in crime case assures investigators that their job will not be easy this time or might be end up with failure as anti forensic utilities are used to thwart the crime investigations, That’s why one of the most common crime has picked and also included essence of anti forensic to produce a list of artefacts which later practised on the experiment drive. A chronology of approx 80 artefacts has made which truly reflects a crime of employee conspiracy which is supposed to be one of the crucial issues in every next organization.

Siddiqui S, Clarke NL