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Management of Service Level Agreements using INSMware
Knahl MH, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the Second International Network Conference (INC 2000), Plymouth, UK, pp229-238, 3-6 July, 2000
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The paper presents a component-based approach to implement a new framework for Integrated Network and System Management and its application on management services to implement Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Applications are assembled from a set of pre-fabricated components rather than being developed from scratch and are being incorporated into new management domains. In this paper, we describe a project, componentware based Integrated Network and System Management (INSMware), which was built using only component-based techniques. We describe an approach that integrates the software component paradigm with network and systems management and its application upon SLAs. We focus upon the monitoring of SNMP-capable network elements. The requirements for new management services implementing SLAs are outlined and a prototypical implementation is presented.

Knahl MH, Furnell SM