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Authentication Aura - A distributed approach to user authentication
Hocking C, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Reynolds PL
Journal of Information Assurance and Security, vol. 6 (2011), issue 2, pp149-156, ISSN 1554-1010, 2011
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The ubiquitous password or personal identification number (PIN) has been the accepted form of user authentication on mobile devices since their inception. With increasing numbers of owners failing to implement these simple barriers or taking any greater precaution against misuse, the requirement to secure the information contained within has never been so great. This paper proposes a new approach to identity authentication on mobile devices based upon a framework that can transparently improve user security confidence. Information pertaining to user authentication is shared amongst the owner’s devices, collectively enabling a near field adaptive security envelope to be established and maintained around the individual; the user’s Authentication Aura.

Hocking C, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Reynolds PL