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An Integrated Management Architecture for Heterogeneous Networks: INSMware
Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Hofmann HD, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on IP-oriented Operations and Management (IPOM '2000), Cracow, Poland, 4-6 September, 2000
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The Component-based approach to develop distributed software represents a new paradigm in software engineering. This approach is used to implement a new framework for Integrated Network and System Management for heterogeneous networks. Applications are assembled from a set of pre-fabricated components rather than being developed from scratch. In this paper, we describe a project, Componentware based Integrated Network and System Management (INSMware), which was built using only component-based techniques and which represents a research prototype that was used for investigating such component-based network management techniques. We describe an approach which integrates the software component paradigm with network and systems management. It?s integration upon different networking technologies is outlined. We focus on the monitoring

Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Hofmann HD, Furnell SM