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Improving Fairness in Ad Hoc Networks Based on Neighbour's Transmission Rate
Arabi M, Ghita BV
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 11), 6-9 September 2011, Wrexham, UK, pp 292-299, ISBN: 978-0-946881-68-0, 2011

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks face great challenges due to the absence of an infrastructure to manage the network, an access to a single channel by multiple nodes, interference and the limited transmission range by the wireless media. Therefore, achieving fairness in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is a difficult task. This paper discusses a specific Mobile Ad Hoc Network topology which leads to unfair bandwidth distribution and proposes a novel Neighbouring Transmission Rate Control (NTRC) algorithm, based on monitoring the transmission speed of the neighbouring nodes, which aims to optimise network fairness through identifying and helping starving nodes to increase their transmission rates. The proposed method is tested in a simulation environment and, according to the results; it provides a balanced distribution of network resources amongst the competing nodes. The proposed algorithm achieves 99% fairness according to Jain‘s fairness equation as opposed to 33% for the standard MAC protocol.

Arabi M, Ghita BV