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Bridging the gaps in model based testing
George M, Fischer KP, Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Atkinson S
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 11), 6-9 September 2011, Wrexham, UK, pp 300-307, ISBN: 978-0-946881-68-0, 2011

The growing complexities of software and the demand for shorter time-to-market are two important challenges that face today’s IT industry. These challenges demand the increase of both productivity and quality of software. Model based testing is a promising technique for meeting these challenges. Traceability modelling is a key issue and challenge in model based testing. Relationship between the different models will help to navigate from one model to another and trace back to the respective requirements and the design model when the test fails. In this paper, we present an approach for bridging the gaps between the different models in model based testing. We propose ‘RDML’, relation definition markup language for defining the relationship between models. This paper tries to define the need for bridging the gaps and the evolution and relationship from one model to another.

George M, Fischer KP, Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Atkinson S