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Accessing Spyware Awareness and Defences amongst Security Administrators
Koliarou M, Furnell SM
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 7, ISBN: 978-1-84102-283-3, pp53-58, 2010
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Spyware threats have become very dangerous in recent years and the extent of the problem is
increasing every day. Spyware works sneakily and underground, without giving signs of its
presence in order to remain unnoticed, and trying to fool users in order to be installed in their
systems. Therefore, to fight the spyware problem, it is very important to ensure awareness
amongst end users. Many researchers found that the end users hardly understand security
issues. So within organizations, there is a key role for Security Administrators. These have the
responsibility for the company’s security, therefore is very important to know about all of
threats in high extent. This paper shows the results that gathered from a number of interviews
amongst companies’ Security Administrators about their awareness of spyware threats and
their actions regard to security, their opinions, and their thoughts. This research found that the
majority know much about spywares and much more about security defences. However, there
are some respondents that did not know some features of spyware behvaiour and
underestimate the threat and avoid some important actions.

Koliarou M, Furnell SM