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Information Leakage through Second Hand USB Flash Drives
Chaerani W, Clarke NL
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 7, ISBN: 978-1-84102-283-3, pp143-150, 2010
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USB flash drives are one of the common removable storages used nowadays. As the capacity
increase and the price decrease, the content put on these devices become more valuable and
vary than before. These USB keys are not only used to store personal files, but also sensitive
information for example password list and CVs. Moreover, it is also not impossible for a
person to keep information regarding other people. Additionally, since some company still
allow their employees to use USB keys on internal network, it is also not impossible for
corporate data to be transferred into these devices. This research try to see whether it is
possible to obtain information, particularly sensitive ones from second hand USB keys sold on
online auction sites. The keys used on this research were obtained randomly. Using digital
forensic software, the keys were imaged and examined to obtain any remaining information
that may exist.

Chaerani W, Clarke NL