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Web-based Risk Analysis Tool for Home Users
Jain M, Clarke NL
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 7, ISBN: 978-1-84102-283-3, pp151-158, 2010
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Broadband internet services are widely available in the market with high data transfer rate and
attractive low prices. This feature is not only attracting organizations but a large proprtion of
residential users have moved towards it. The ‘always on’ broadband technology comes with
potential security threats and unauthorised access to information, resources and systems. The
organizations hire security experts or administrators to deal with potential risks but home users
have little knowledge to handle such risky situations. Various risk analysis tools, standards and
techniques are available to overcome the risk problems but it has been found that these are
oriented towards organizations and require expertise. Many websites are available with
security risk handling guidelines for home users but they also require certain knowledge and
understanding of technical terms. This research has been conducted to develop a web-based
risk analysis tool specially for home users. The tool has followed controls and guidleines from
ISO17799 information security standard to produce risk scores from individual user responses.
The tool has covered features like using simple and accurate risk assessment method along
with mitigation guidelines, userfrienliness and easy accessibility. The tool also educates users
about security and threat related terminology and offers necessary protection to their systems.

Jain M, Clarke NL