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Comparing Anti-Spyware Products
Martins W, Furnell SM
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 7, ISBN: 978-1-84102-283-3, pp167-174, 2010
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Spyware has been more of a threat to the home user than other malicious software for the
motive behind its creation which has been the tracking of the user and his activities on the
Internet alongside the stealing of his personal or confidential information. As a result of this
threat, various anti-malware products have been introduced to remove spyware from home
PCs. This research examines the effectiveness of present day anti-malware products in
removing spyware from a test computer. The results suggest that the removal capabilities of
the products are unsatisfactory and indicate there are compelling reasons for more thorough
detection and removal of spyware from home computers.

Martins W, Furnell SM