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Practitioner Perception of Component Based Software Development
Phippen AD, Furnell SM, Hofmann HD
Proceedings of Euromedia 2001, Valencia, Spain, 18-20 April, 2001
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Component-orientation can be viewed as one of the leading edge technologies in software development, in particular for the development of eCommerce systems. The industrial origins of component-orientation have resulted in a knowledge base in the area that is heavily anecdotal and subject to vendor bias. Empirical evaluation of component-based techniques within industrial software development projects has resulted in a number of theories that are at odds with conventional wisdom. The surveying of practitioners enables these theories, and conventional wisdom, to be further tested. The assessment presented in this paper highlights problems with both the technologies themselves and also the wider organisational issues that need to be addressed when adopting such techniques. A combination of case study and survey research enables effective conclusions to be drawn regarding the impact of component-orientation upon the software development process.

Phippen AD, Furnell SM, Hofmann HD