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A Conceptual Security Framework to support Continuous Subscriber Authentication in Third Generation Mobile Networks
Rodwell PM, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of Euromedia 2001, Valencia, Spain, 18-20 April, 2001
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This paper discusses a conceptual framework addressing the issue of continuous subscriber authentication for 3rd generation mobile networks, based upon the International Telecommunications Union Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP). Security provisions within current 2nd generation mobile networks such as GSM, are primarily aimed at secure communications through data encryption and terminal authentication via use of a smart card (SIM). Proposed services of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) demand a more secure subscriber based authentication system, in order to protect personal information in the event of masquerade attack. Any authentication technique will be an integral part of an overall real-time security framework in order to offer continuous protection. In exercising the first three viewpoints of the RM-ODP, a summation of key security issues and a conceptual framework presented.

Rodwell PM, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL