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Factors Affecting Information Security Behaviour
Rajendran A, Furnell SM, Gabriel T
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 9, ISBN: 978-1-84102-320-5, pp42-49, 2012
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The reason behind inconsistent acceptance and compliance level of employees within organisation has been hard to understand. Personality, organisational culture and environment are said to be the reasons behind such inconsistent compliance behaviour of an employee. But aspects such as personality, socio-organisation factors, educational best practice are been neglected till date during the ongoing training of employees for betterment of acceptance and compliance behaviour. Initial study targeted the likely relation between socio-organisation factors and personality of a person, which gave out the likely process that initiates the security behaviour out of an employee. A model is designed, which best describes and includes all possible influence an employee might get and derives the security behaviour of the employee based on it. The model exhibits a nature to advocate, what causes an employee to behave the way they do. Organisation can make use of this to differentiate security compliant employee with the non-compliant employee and produce effective mitigation plans.

Rajendran A, Furnell SM, Gabriel T