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An Engineering Platform for Multimedia Systems
Reynolds PL, Sanders P
Proceedings of MEDIACOMM 95 - International Conference on Multimedia
Communications, Southampton, UK, 11-12 April, 1995
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Multimedia services carried by telecommunication networks have been the target of many research projects, and different approaches have been followed by different research consortia over recent years, The ETSI - Intelligent Networks (IN), the ITU Open distributed Processing (ODP) and the Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture Consortia (TINA-C) are a few of the different groups involved at present in the research to support multimedia services in telecommunications.

This paper details some of the work currently in progress in a European Union RACE project that will, once
implemented, support multimedia services within a global environment. An engineering platform, based on
an object oriented approach, is proposed. The main objective of this platform is to support an engineering
viewpoint of telecommunications, with the aim of providing the infrastructure required to allow the design,
implementation and testing of generic multimedia services. This will provide facilitiesfor service creation,
service deployment, service maintenance, service operation and service management. The structure of this
paper commences with an introduction to define the boundaries of the platform and definition of terms. An implementation mechanism and possible methodology are then identified. The distillation of application objects is discussed and a mechanism for their decomposition into engineering objects is detailed. Finally, a possible engineering platform for multimedia services is given and conclusions are drawn.

Reynolds PL, Sanders P