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Application of LDPC Codes to Networks
Bijjargi R, Ambroze MA, Ghita BV
Advances in Communications, Computing, Networks and Security Volume 10, ISBN: 978-1-84102-358-8, pp195-202, 2013
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Internet is growing very fast and it's rapid. At present internet is used by everyone for one or the other reason. Data is sent from source to destination in the form of packets. Packets are the small pieces of original data which contains original data along with header information. Each and every packet has header, which contains the information like source and destination address, mac address, etc.
Original data is sent from source to destination over network. But it is no guarantee that data will reach the destination without any errors that is it will not be corrupted. It may be corrupted and may contain some noise in it. Therefore error correcting codes are implemented in case of data transfer to avoid the data corruption.
Error correction codes are applied on data bits. But in the proposed project error correction codes are tried to implement on packet loss. If there i a packet loss then receiver will send a request to source for retransmission. This will lead to a network traffic and congestion over network. Using error correcting codes lost data is recovered by destination without asking for retransmission.
To avoid the retransmission original data is sent with overhead. Size of the overhead is less, definitely less than the lost data size. Data encryption and decryption is performed using Hamming Code to recover the lost data. As huge the Parity Matrix is less overhead will be transferred. Maximum 25% of the lost data can be recovered. To recover lost data buffer should contain all the remaining data along with parity data.

Bijjargi R, Ambroze MA, Ghita BV