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Cloud Forensics Challenges
Alqahtany S, Clarke NL, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the 7th SSC Saudi Students Conference - UK, pp86-93, ISBN: 9780956904522, 2014
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Cloud computing is a dramatic paradigm shift in the Information and Communication Technology era and it is transforming how services are being delivered. Cloud services are rapidly growing together with the acceptance rate and adoption of cloud solutions. The features of cloud computing such as resource pooling, rapid elasticity and large storage capacity along with its distributed nature present a range of technical and organisational issues for digital investigators. These issues lead digital investigators to have limited success when applying traditional forensic investigation approaches and tools. To date, there has been a significant lack of research focused upon solving cloud forensics issues. This paper discusses the definition of cloud computing , presents the forensic challenges pertaining to the cloud environment and proposes a framework using cloud features to overcome some technical cloud forensics issues with a view outlining the future prospects.

Alqahtany S, Clarke NL, Furnell SM