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Android Forensics: Correlation Analysis
Kasiaras D, Zafeiropoulos T, Clarke NL, Kambourakis G
9th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2014), London, IEEE Press, 2014

With over 6 billion mobile phone subscribers, it is inevitable that such devices will be involved in criminal activities. Furthermore, the evolution of smartphones has changed the way people use their mobile phones in their everyday life. That is, a huge variety of services exist in the device that can be exploited for either perpetrating a criminal activity or being the subject of the crime. By conducting an analysis of existing forensic tools and the literature, it became evident that there is a significant lack of advanced tools that enable the correlation among the various events of forensic interest in order to facilitate an investigation and reduce the cognitive load on the analyst side. Motivated by this fact, the paper at hand proposes a novel tool that incorporates strong mechanisms to forensically analyze an Android device, aiming to reduce the workload of the investigator through advanced and intelligent correlation and visualization.

Kasiaras D, Zafeiropoulos T, Clarke NL, Kambourakis G