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A Review of Cloud Forensics issues, solutions & open problems
Alqahtany S, Clarke NL, Furnell SM
Proceedings of The 8th Saudi Students Conference, January 31 - February 1, 2015
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In the past few years, Cloud Computing has become attracted solution to many Internet and organisations and has become one of the hottest topics in IT. Despite the many benefits cloud computing introduces for the organisation, it will also present opportunities for criminal exploitation leaving almost no evidence behind. The features of cloud computing such as resource pooling, rapid elasticity and large storage capacity along with its distributed nature present a range of technical and organisational issues for digital investigators. When the evidence resides in the cloud, new challenges exist on how to apply current digital forensic procedures. These challenges are novel and unique to the cloud and not encountered in traditional digital systems. Unfortunately, the distributed nature and configuration of cloud computing infrastructure introduces a range of problems for digital investigators. Furthermore, there is a significant lack of research exists that successfully cope with current challenges that cloud produces. To date, the researchers have focused on identification of the foremost issues face digital forensic investigators when performing digital investigation in cloud computing. This poster extracts a view of recent interests based on investigating of relevant scientific documents on cloud forensic arena. It identifies the major challenges, summarises the available technical solutions and matches the identified solutions with the addressed challenges. Ultimately, the open problems in the area of cloud forensics are summarised based on a detailed literature with a view outlining the future prospects.

Alqahtany S, Clarke NL, Furnell SM