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Research Director

Prof. Steven M. Furnell BSc(Hons) PhD CEng FBCS CITP SMIEEE F.Inst.ISP PFHEA

Professor of Information Security


Academic Staff

Dr Mohammed Zaki Ahmed PhD, MEng, BEng(Hons), MIET, MIEEE, FHEA, FJSPS

Senior Lecturer in Information Technology


Dr Marcel Adrian Ambroze

Lecturer in Digital Communication Engineering


Dr Shirley Atkinson BSc(Hons) PhD MBCS CITP FHEA

Lecturer in Information Systems


Prof. Nathan L Clarke BEng(Hons) PhD CEng FBCS SMIEEE SFHEA

Professor of Cyber Security & Digital Forensics


Dr Bogdan V Ghita BEng (Hons) PhD FBCS MIEEE

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Computer Networks



Executive Dean


Dr Maria Papadaki BSc(Hons) MSc PhD MBCS FHEA GCIA GPEN CEH

Associate Professor of Cyber Security


Prof Andrew D Phippen MBCS, CITP, CEng

Professor of Social Responsibility in IT

Dr Lingfen Sun

Associate Professor (Reader) in Multimedia Communications and Networks


9 Academic Staff

Emeritus and Visiting Staff

Dr Ali Ismail Awad SMIEEE, Ph.D., Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Visiting Researcher and Associate Professor of Information Security, Luleå University of Technology


Prof. Dr Udo Bleimann

Dr Fudong Li BSc(Hons) MRes PhD ACE

Visiting Lecturer in Cyber Security


Prof. Paul Reynolds CEng BSc PhD FIET

Visiting Professor

Prof. Martin Tomlinson

Emeritus Professor


Dr Ismini Vasileiou BSc (Hons) PGCE EdD FBCS SFHEA

Head of Information Systems (DMU) & Visiting Research Fellow (UoP)


6 Emeritus and Visiting Staff

Associate Members

Dr Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff

Dr Christopher Bolan BSc (Comp Sci), BSc (Soft Eng.) Hons 1st, PhD

Associate Professor Paul Haskell-Dowland BSc (Hons), PhD, FBCS, FHEA, SMIEEE, MACS (Snr) CP, IP3P

Associate Dean (Computing and Security), Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia


Dr David Lancaster


Prof. Peter Sanders

Founder of the NRG and academic adviser

Dr Stavros N Shiaeles PhD, MEng, FBCS, CEH, CCNSP, COBIT 5F, MIEEE

Lecturer in Computer & Information Security


Prof. Dr. Ingo Stengel

Hochschule Karlsruhe, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe


Dr Athanasios Tsokanos MSc, PhD, OTJNR, CJNR, FHEA


8 Associate Members

Research Students

Mr Jaafar Ahmed

QoS management in aggregated heterogeneous networks

Mr Ayad Hazim Al-Adhami

Privacy and Authentication in RFID based Inventory Systems

Mr Neamah Al-Naffakh

Wearable Computing and Transparent Authentication

Mr Sameer Al-Obaidi

Reducing power consumption using OFDM variants and other DSP data transmission techniques

Miss Muna Al-Saadi

Optimising information storage for network performance analysis

Mrs Bushra Al-Saadi

Optimising information storage for security analysis

Mrs Sarah Alhammad

Tracing Learning Environment in JAVA Programming Language

Ms Reem Alkanhel

Designing a usable security framework for IoT

Ms Moneerah Alotaibi

Usable security for young users

Mr Fayez Alotaibi

Human Aspects of Information Security

Mrs Norah Alqahtani

Online Gaming Risks for Children: Developing a Dynamic Awareness Framework

Mr Abdulrahman Alruban

Applying biometrics to digital forensics


Mr Omar Alsaiari

Project Title TBC

Mrs Samah Alshathri

Project Title TBC

Mr Aziz Alshehri

Mobile Security

Ali Alshumrani

Project Title TBC

Mr Abdulaziz Altamimi

Author Identification of of Text Limited Messages

Mr Rami Alzahrani

Privacy Preserving Schemes for Mobile and Wearable Devices

Miss Opeoluwa Balogun

Cloud Security for medical radiological images provision in healthcare


Mr Craig Banyard

Learning Analytics


Mr Zinnar Ghasem

A framework for tailored cyber security training

Mr Ram Herkanaidu

To investigate effective learning strategies to raise awareness around security and privacy issues amongst young people


Nirosha Holton

Motivating security engagement and compliance

Mr Dany Joy

An Intelligent Network Forensic Analyzer

Mrs Shahlaa Mashhadani

Advanced Multimedia Analysis in Digital Forensics

Mr Mohd Najwan Md Khambari

Qos/QoE Assurance in IEEE 802.11E HCCA Wireless Networks for Multimedia Transmission

Mr Hussam Mohammed

Digital Forensic Analysis of Big Data


Mr Hussein Oudah

Traffic characterisation and anomaly detection in computer networks

Mr Thomas Rieger

Making and Success Factors for the Use of Big Data & Analytics Methods and Technologies

Mr Mark Schofield

Study of best equivocation binary codes

Mr Faisal Shaman

User Traffic Profiling in Computer Networks

Mrs Alaa Tolah

Factors influencing security expenditure

Mr Georgios Vranopoulos

Metadata in Tackling Big Data Variety


James Weston

The impact of effective cyber security awareness within Critical National Infrastructure Operational Technology environments

Mr Yaseen Saleem Yaseen

Optimisation of Power Consumption for Communities Using P2P Management

35 Research Students

Completed Research students

Dr Ghassan Abdalla PhD

Physical and Link Layer Implications in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks

Dr Leith Abed

Securing Cloud Storage by Transparent Biometric Cryptography

Dr Abdulwahid Al Abdulwahid

Federated Authentication using the Cloud (Cloud Aura)


Dr Mahmood Al Fahdi PhD

Automated Digital Forensics & Cybercrime Profiling

Dr Burhan Al-Bayati PhD

Continuous Identity Verification in Cloud Computing Services

Dr Hiba Al-Kawaz

Facial Identification for Digital Forensics

Dr Hind Al-Obaidi

Transparent Authentication Utilising Gait Recognition

Dr Abdualaziz Alayed PhD

Active security vulnerability notification and resolution

Dr Owayed Alghamdi PhD

Spectrum Sensing and Cooperation in Cognitive-OFDM Based Wireless

Dr Nawaf Alharbi

The role of security and its antecedents in e-government adoption

Dr Manal Alohali

A Model for User-centric Information Security Risk Assessment and Response

Dr Saud Nejr Alotaibi

Transparent User Authentication For Mobile Applications


Dr Faisal Alotaibi

Evaluation and Enhancement of Public Cyber Security Awareness

Dr Mutlaq Alotaibi PhD

User's behaviour with Organisational Information Security Policies

Dr Gaseb Alotibi

Behavioural Monitoring via Network Communications

Dr Saad Alqahtany

A Forensically-Enabled Cloud Computing Architecture

Dr Hussain Alsaiari

Graphical One-Time-Password Authentication


Dr Hussain Alshamrani

Detecting IP prefix hijack events using BGP activity and AS connectivity analysis

Dr Thorsten Alxneit PhD

Sustainability Reporting Process Model using Business Intelligence

Dr Mohamed Arabi

Improving Fairness and Utilisation in Ad Hoc Networks

Dr Shirley Atkinson PhD MBCS

Risk Reduction through Technological Control of Personal Information

Dr Nadia Awad

On Reducing the Decoding Complexity of Shingled Magnetic Recording System

Dr Taimur Bakhshi MBCS MIEEE AFHEA

User-Centric Traffic engineering in Software Defined Networks


Dr Jing Cai PhD

A Study of Erasure Correcting Codes

Dr Nathan L Clarke PhD

Advanced User Authentication for Mobile Devices

Mr Cedric Copy MPhil

Data Mining applied to external marketing data

Dr Jeff Crume

Advancing User Authentication and Access Management


Dr Mark Culverhouse

User-Centric Quality of Service Provisioning in IP Networks

Dr Andreas Diehl PhD

Software Architecture for Data Storage Concepts within Future Mobile Telecommunication Systems

Dr Vassilis Dimopoulos PhD

Effective Information Assurance with Risk Management

Dr Frank Doelitzscher PhD

Security Audit Compliance for Cloud Computing

Dr Martin Dorigo PhD

DOKY: A Multi-Modal User Interface for Non-Visual Presentation, Navigation and Manipulation of Structured Documents on Mobile and Wearable Devices

Dr Paul S Dowland PhD FBCS

User authentication and supervision in networked systems


Dr Thomas Eichelmann PhD

Automated continuous solution for the provisioning of value-added services in Next Generation

Dr Timibloudi Stephen Enamamu PhD

Bioelectrical User Authentication

Dr Michael P Evans PhD

A Model for Managing Information Flow on the World Wide Web

Dr Klaus-Peter Fischer PhD

Security Policy Enforcement in Application Environments using Distributed Script-Based Control Structures

Dr Sandra Frei

Optimisation of Traffic Steering for Heterogeneous Mobile Networks

Dr Steven M Furnell PhD

Data Security in European Healthcare Information Systems


Dr Bogdan V Ghita PhD

Performance characterisation of IP networks

Dr Markus Glaab

Integration of Vehicles into a Future Web of Services

Dr Samuel Goebert PhD

Decentralised Hosting and Preservation of Digital Collections

Dr Lena Gribel

Drivers of Wearable Computing Adoption: An Empirical Study of Success Factors Including IT Security and Consumer Behaviour-Related Aspects

Dr Vic M Grout PhD

Optimisation Techniques for Telecommunication Networks

Dr Benjamin Heckmann PhD

Service Quality and Profit Control in Utility Computing Service Life Cycles

Dr Timm Heuss PhD

A Framework to Support Developers in the Integration and Application of Linked and Open Data


Dr Chris Hocking MBCS, PhD

Authentication Aura: A cooperative and distributed approach to user authentication on mobile devices

Dr Tarik Ibrahim PhD

Improving Intrusion Prevention, Detection and Response

Dr Ismail Isnin PhD

A Study on Wireless Communication Error Performance and Path Loss Prediction

Dr Mohd Zalisham Jali PhD

Enhancing User Authentication using Graphical Techniques

Dr Mubarak Jibril

Algebraic Codes For Error Correction In Digital Communication Systems

Dr Elizabeth M Joyce PhD

Security aspects of Distributed Processing Environments

Dr Nor Badrul Anuar Jumaat PhD

Incident Prioritisation for Intrusion Response Systems

Dr Sevasti Karatzouni PhD

Non-Intrusive Continuous User Authentication for Mobile Devices

Dr Salam Ketab PhD

E-Invigilator of E-Assessment

Dr Martin H Knahl PhD

A Generic Network and System Management Framework

Dr Janet Kneller MBCS

Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives of Complex Online Services: An e-Government Case Study

Dr Andreas Knirsch PhD

Improved Composability of Software Components through Parallel Hardware Platforms for In-Car Multimedia Systems


Dr Peter Korovessis

Establishing an Information Security Awareness and Culture

Dr Christopher Kosmas PhD

Secure tracking system for next generation CIT products

Dr Mike Krey

IT Governance in the Health Care Sector

Dr Karin Kronawitter PhD

Application Outsourcing in the Banking Industry - ITO Model

Dr Armin Lehmann PhD

Service composition based on SIP peer-to-peer networks

Dr Fudong Li PhD

Behaviour Profiling for Mobile Devices

Dr George Magklaras PhD, MPhil

An Insider Misuse Threat Detection and Prediction Language

Mr George Magklaras MPhil

A generic architecture for intrusion specification and misuse detection in IT systems

Dr Najem Mahmoud PhD

An Evaluation of Targeted Security Awareness for End Users


Dr Thomas Mansfield

Data Communications for Navigation

Dr Jims Marchang PhD

Optimizing application performance with QoS support of Real-Time data for Ad-Hoc Networks

Dr Natalia Miloslavskaya

Network Security Intelligence Centres for Information Security Incident Management

Dr Matthias Minich PhD

Industrialising Software Development in Systems Integration

Dr Joseph P Morrissey PhD

The extension and hardware implementation of the Comprehensive Integrated Security System concept

Dr Ali Muayyadi PhD

Wavelet-based multi-carrier code division multiple access systems

Dr Licha Mued PhD

A model for predicting the performance of IP videoconferencing

Dr Georg Müller PhD

Traffic profiles and performance modelling of heterogeneous networks

Dr Paul D Onions PhD

A High-Speed Integrated Circuit for Applications to RSA Cryptography

Dr Maria Papadaki PhD

Classifying and responding to network intrusions

Dr Andrew D Phippen PhD

Component Technologies and their impact upon Software Development

Dr Aung Phyo PhD

A Generic Architecture for Insider Misuse Monitoring in IT Systems

Mr Joerg Preuss MPhil

Profiling methods for computer crime and abuse

Dr Gavin P Ray PhD

Computer Network analysis and optimisation

Dr Shukor Razak PhD

Two-Tier Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Dr Donna Reid PhD

The social and psychological impact of SMS text messaging

Prof. Paul L Reynolds PhD

An Investigation into an Expert System for Telecommunication Network Design

Dr Felix Rimbach PhD

Internet-marketing for profit organizations: A framework for the implementation of strategic Internet marketing

Dr Philip M Rodwell PhD

Non-Intrusive Subscriber Authentication for Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems

Dr Thomas Rübsamen PhD

Evidence-based Accountability Audits for Cloud Computing

Dr Hataichanok Saevanee PhD

Continuous User Authentication Using Multi-Modal Biometrics

Dr Nichola J Salmons PhD

Composite and Comprehensive Multimedia Electronic Health Care Records

Dr Benjamin G Sanders PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), SFHEA, MBCS

Opportunities and Risks in Online Gaming Environments


Dr Steffen W. Schilke PhD, MBA, MBCS

Multi-Dimensional-Personalization in Mobile Contexts

Dr Oliver Schneider PhD

Simplifying Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia Structures in an eLearning Context

Dr Abubakr Shahdad PhD

Engineering Innovation

Dr Hanna Shauchenka PhD

Marketing of virtual Universities (Atlantis University) – Application of Quantitative Analysis

Prof. Simon J Shepherd PhD

A Distributed Security Architecture for large scale systems

Dr Harjit Singh PhD

Behavioural Profiling and Intrusion Detection Systems Using Data Mining

Dr Ulrike Spierling PhD

'Implicit Creation' - Non-Programmer Conceptual Models for Authoring in Interactive Digital Storytelling

Dr Michael Steinheimer

Automated solution for provisioning and optimisation of user composed services in Smart Grids and Smart Homes

Dr Lingfen Sun PhD

Speech Quality Analysis for Voice over Internet Protocol Networks

Dr Martin Swientek PhD

High-Performance Near-Time Processing of Bulk Data

Dr Shuhaili Talib

Personalising Information Security Education

Dr Aruna Thakur PhD

Feed forward controller for layered video coding

Dr Witold Thaul PhD

Supporting Learning by Tracing Personal Knowledge Formation

Dr Gina C Tjhai PhD

Anomaly-Based Correlation of IDS Alarms

Dr Athanassios Triantafyllidis

Increasing eLearning Engagement through Mobile Learning Integration

Dr Chris Tucker PhD

Performance Metrics for Network Intrusion Systems

Prof. Vijay Varadharajan PhD

Some cryptographic techniques for secure data communication

Dr Patrick Wacht

Framework for Automated Functional Tests within Value-Added Service Environments

Dr Qi Wang PhD

Mobility support architectures for next-generation wireless networks

Prof. Matthew J Warren PhD

A Security Advisory System for Healthcare Environments

Dr Frank Weber PhD

Quality of Service optimisation framework for Next Generation Networks

Dr Fan Wu PhD

Synchronization and Resource Allocation in Downlink OFDM systems

Dr Li Yang PhD

A Study of Iterative Capacity-Approaching Codes And Their Optimal Decoding Algorithms

Dr Zarul Fitri Zaaba PhD

Enhancing Usability using Automated Security Interface Adaptation (ASIA)

Dr Ibrahim Zincir

Behavioural Profiling In Wireless Networks

Dr Marcus Zinn PhD

Service-based automation of software construction activities

116 Completed Research Students

University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany

The h_da University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt was our first CSCAN Network node, established in 2004 following several years of collaboration. Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here.

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr Udo Bleimann

Dr Klaus-Peter Fischer PhD

Prof. Dr Woldemar Fuhrmann

Prof. Dr Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer

Prof. Dr Bernhard Humm

Director of Darmstadt Node (CSCAN Network)

Prof. Dr Matthias Knoll

Michael Massoth

Prof. Dr Ronald Moore

Prof. Dr Alois Schütte

Dr Christoph Wentzel


Dr Joachim Wietzke

11 'CSCAN Network' (Frankfurt) Academic Staff

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences was our third full CSCAN Network node, established in 2015. Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here (also available in German).

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr Sergej Alekseev

Head of Frankfurt Node

Prof. Dr Christian Baun

Head of the research group for Cluster, Grid and Cloud-Computing

Prof. Dr Matthias Deegener

Deputy Head of the research group for Mobile Computing

Prof. Dr Martin Kappes

Head of the research group for Network Security, Information Security and Privacy

Prof. Dr Kira Kastell

Vice President of Frankfurt University

Prof. Dr Jörg Schäfer

Head of the research group for Mobile Computing

Prof. Dr Ulrich Trick

Head of the research group for Telecommunication Networks

Prof. Dr Matthias Wagner

Head of the research group Wireless and Smart Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

8 'CSCAN Network' (Frankfurt) Academic Staff

Furtwangen University, Furtwangen, Germany

Furtwangen University (HFU) was our second full CSCAN Network node, established in 2010. Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here.

Academic Staff

Prof Dr Martin Buchheit

Prof. Dr Monika Frey-Luxemburger

Dr Martin H Knahl

Prof. Dr Christoph Reich

4 'CSCAN Network' (Furtwangen) Academic Staff

'CSCAN Network' (Darmstadt) Research Students

Mr Muhammad Dawood

Automotive Cognitive Access

Mr Clemens Fischer

Multiple operating system architectures for next generation automotive embedded systems

Mr Harald Frank

Project Title TBC

Mr Mathew George

Towards Model Based Testing

Mr Jurgen Markert

Attack Vectors to Wireless ZigBee Network Communications - Analysis Countermeasures

Mr Andreas Plies

Enabling identity based trusted telecommunication: ensure confidentiality and authenticity in personal business communication

Mr Pierre Schnarz

Secure Synchronisation of Multi-Operating Systems in Automotive Environments

Mr Tri Vo

Project Title TBC

8 'CSCAN Network' (Darmstadt) Research Students

'CSCAN Network' (Frankfurt) Research Students

Mr Denis Hock

Network Anomaly Detection

Besfort Shala

Project Title TBC

2 'CSCAN Network' (Frankfurt) Research Students

'CSCAN Network' (Furtwangen) Research Students

Mr Stefan Frey

Autonomic SLA Management as a Service

Mr Holger Gantikow

Secure High Performance Computing provided as PaaS

Mr Florian Kemmer

Privacy and Security Control of Smart Devices

Mr Hendrik Kuijs

A PaaS framework for AAL services


Mr Klaus Mairon

Agile and Model-Driven Methods

Mr Artur Mertens

Competencies in Digital Brand Management

Mr Ganesh Sankaran

Business Value of Smart Data

7 'CSCAN Network' (Furtwangen) Research Students