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Tools for On-Line Distance Learning

Lead investigator: Dr Steven M Furnell
Other researchers: Dr Paul Haskell-Dowland, Dr Michael Evans
Project duration: 1997 - 1999
Project description:

Although online distance learning offers significant promise as an application of Internet technology, online course materials cannot be created and offered without appropriate supporting tools for use by academic staff and students. The Network Research Group has developed two prototype tools to support online course delivery. The first is a Module Authoring Tool (MAT), for use by academic staff wishing to create course materials for web-based dissemination. The MAT provides a number of features and optimisations that make it more suited to this purpose than standard web authoring tools. The second tool is a software-based framework for the delivery of interactive online lectures over the Internet. This enables remote students to participate in a traditional lecture scenario and includes features for video and audio broadcasts, as well as supporting elements such as slideshow and whiteboard facilities.

The tools were designed and developed with supporting funding from the Continuing Vocational Education (CVE) initiative within the University of Plymouth.