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Mr Mathew George

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Towards Model Based Testing

The growing complexities of software and the demand for shorter time-to-market are two important challenges that face today’s IT industry. These challenges demand the increase of both productivity and quality of software. Early integration of test development into system life cycle are expected to support the developer in finding the errors in an early stage of design and development. Automation of software development and software testing on the basis of executable models and simulation promises significant reductions in fault-removal cost and development time. To deal with the software complexity, current mainstream software engineering practices aim at raising the level of abstraction to visual models described in OMG’s UML modeling language. The new UML 2.0 is more impressive, it brings UML Testing Profile (UTP) that can be used for specifying test objectives, test procedures, and test assessment for software components or the complete system. The research focuses on developing model based test generation principles, model based test validation principles, a novel quality management/measurement approach for the evaluation of test models, a concept for automated consistency check between requirements, system models and test models.

Mr Mathew George

Director of studies: Dr Klaus-Peter Fischer-Hellmann
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Martin Knahl, Prof. Dr Udo Bleimann, Dr Shirley Atkinson

Journal papers

Traceability in Model-Based Testing
George M, Fischer KP, Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Atkinson S
Future Internet, Vol. 4, Iss.4, pp1026-1036, 2012
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Conference papers

Bridging the gaps in model based testing
George M, Fischer KP, Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Atkinson S
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 11), 6-9 September 2011, Wrexham, UK, pp 300-307, ISBN: 978-0-946881-68-0, 2011
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1 Conference papers

Internal publications

Introducing a Framework and Methodological Guidance for Model Based Testing
George M, Fischer KP, Knahl MH, Bleimann U, Atkinson S
Proceedings of the Sixth Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-learning, Internet and Networking (SEIN 2010), Plymouth, UK, ISBN: 978-1-84102-269-7, pp1-10, 2010
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