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Dr Michael Steinheimer

CSCAN Network Research Student

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Automated solution for provisioning and optimisation of user composed services in Smart Grids and Smart Homes

Energy management in Smart Grids and Smart Homes will play a decisive role in future power supply system. Due to the rising decentralised power generation and its supply to the local grid, the individual households have to become more and more a participant in the Smart Market/ Grid. This project describes approaches for a framework (consisting of Service Delivery Platform and Service Creation Environment) to design value-added services for management Smart Grids and Smart Homes. User get the possibility to design personalised services or work flows for energy management in a simple way, fulfilling their personal needs. The developed approaches will provide special algorithms for optimising single households as well as cluster of households, without assistance of third parties, by connection of households, management and control of consumers, especially of generators and energy storages. The developed approach will achieve an impact on the power system by simultaneous optimisation of households.

Dr Michael Steinheimer

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Woldemar Fuhrmann
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Ulrich Trick, Dr Bogdan Ghita

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