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Mr Stefan Frey

CSCAN Network Research Student

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Autonomic SLA Management as a Service

The idea behind cloud computing is to deliver computing resources on-demand over a network on an easy pay-per-use business model. Due to the low upfront costs, rapid provisioning, elasticity and scalability, the adoption of cloud services is steadily increasing. In order to make cloud services effectively useable and reliable for enterprises, service level agreements (SLA) are needed, which state the precise level and performance, as well as the manner and the scope of the service provided.This practice, which is widespread in the area of IT services, is currently of limited use for cloud computing, due to the fact that existing cloud environments offer only rudimentary support and handling for SLAs, if any. Moreover, the classic SLA management approach is a rather static method, whereas due to the dynamic character, the QoS attributes in the cloud must be monitored and managed continuously. In addition, performance indicators and measurement methods for service level objectives in cloud computing have been studied inadequately.

Mr Stefan Frey

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Christoph Reich
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Martin Knahl, Prof. Nathan L Clarke

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