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Mr Pierre Schnarz

Research Student

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Secure Synchronisation of Multi-Operating Systems in Automotive Environments

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Joachim Wietzke
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Ronald Moore, Dr Ingo Stengel

Journal papers

SHARB: Shared Resource Arbitration in Partitioned Multicore Systems via Library Interposition
Knirsch A, Schnarz P, Wietzke J
International Journal of Design, Analysis and Tools for Integrated Circuits and Systems (IJDATICS), Volume 4, Issue 2, ISSN: 2223523X, pp18-27, 2013
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Conference papers

Prioritized Access Arbitration to Shared Resources on Integrated Software Systems in Multicore Environments
Knirsch A, Schnarz P, Wietzke J
3rd IEEE International Conference on Networked Embedded Systems for Every Application (NESEA), Liverpool, UK, December 13-14, IEEE, ISBN: 978-1-4673-4721-1, pp1-8, 2012
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