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Mr Jaafar Ahmed

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QoS management in aggregated heterogeneous networks

The concept of quality of service over heterogeneous networks has been on the rise in relation to the multimedia applications from voice, and video, to e-learning and online gaming. A number of alternatives have been proposed to account for specific environments and access speeds. In order to enhance quality of service traffic characteristics such as bandwidth, jitter, packet loss, and delay in different multimedia application, the traditional approach has been to develop application-based models, which are then applied to analyze and measure performance of QoS traffic characteristics, a technique that has been particularly successful with voice and video communication. In this context, atypical QoS solution has been to apply Max-Min fairness techniques to facilitate flexible and adaptable, intelligent services. One area that remains less explored has been the aggregation of traffic from heterogeneous access networks in a congested core: given the likely traffic proportions, slower access technologies are likely to receive poorer service as they are competing with high-speed clients. The aim of this project is investigating the bandwidth allocation for mixed real-time applications such as voice, video, and online gaming, originating or arriving at clients with different access speeds are aggregated on a heterogeneous network.

The project will start with a review of the state of the art in the area of quality of service over heterogeneous and wireless networks, focusing on the challenges of bandwidth allocation and priority queuing to varied applications in order to satisfy diverse requirements. The research will then propose a novel method for QoS management, which will address the issues posed by congestion management when faced with both different application requirements as well as different access speeds. The aim is to produce a scalable solution, comparable and compatible with existing traffic engineering schemes such as DiffServ and MPLS. The conclusion of the literature survey and the resulting proposed scheme will be summarized in a transfer report, which will constitute the basis for the core part of the project.

Mr Jaafar Ahmed

Director of studies: Dr Bogdan V Ghita
Other supervisors: Dr David Lancaster

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