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Mr Ayad Hazim Al-Adhami

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Privacy and Authentication in RFID based Inventory Systems

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of most promised techniques which can used in many applications such as inventory control, parcel management, object tracking, and supply chain management. RFID technology allows the identification of tagged objects by collecting information from them using a reader and by communicating with a backend server. This technology helps companies in the process of sorting, distributing and delivering goods. Usually, the procedure involves the company as well as the consumer. Typical procedures are paper based or computers based, and were very useful in past.
During the last years new RFID based solutions have been developed. However, they do not address a number of risks related to security of the information that is stored in each tag, e.g. unauthorized readers can read the information inside the tag, illegitimate tags or cloned tags can be accessed by readers thus generate privacy and security problems. Typical attacks such as eavesdropping attacks, man in the middle attacks and physical attack, etc. can support leakage of information from the tag.
The MPhil work will focus and address authentication and privacy issues of RFID inventory systems. In particular, it will investigate the current and the possible threats that might endanger privacy and security of RFID systems. Therefore RFID based inventory scenarios will be developed and addressed. In this particular context it will evaluate existing security approaches and assess potential new ideas.

Mr Ayad Hazim Al-Adhami

Director of studies: Dr Ingo Stengel
Other supervisors: Dr Colin Christopher, Dr Marcel Adrian Ambroze

Conference papers

A secure sharing design for multi-tag RFID authentication protocol
Al-Adhami AH, Ambroze MA, Christopher C, Stengel I, Tomlinson M
Proceedings of the 8th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, Perth, Australia, 30 Nov-2 Dec, pp 87-93, ISBN: 0-7298-0735-5, 2015
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