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Mr Faisal Alotaibi

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Enhancing cyber crime awareness to reduce cyber crime

Recent years have witnessed an upsurge in global Internet use, with the number rising from 360 million to over 2 billion people gaining access to online material and services. However, this rise has been simultaneously accompanied by a wave of cybercrimes, including hacking, identity theft and scamming. One of the most affected countries in the world is Saudi Arabia whose developing economy necessitated the acquisition of technology and adoption of the latest high-tech devices. As such, it has become a major target for cyber-attacks and other illegal cyber activities and breaches. Not surprisingly, Saudi Arabia was ranked in second place globally for online spam in 2012. One year later, the Kingdom became the worst affected country in the Middle East by cybercrimes incurring $0.5 billion in losses as a result of fraudulent behaviour, repairs, identity theft and loss. According to the aforementioned statistics, there seems to be a serious impact of cybercrime in Saudi Arabia, which reflects the need to explore new methods that are able to increase awareness of cybercrime in order to reduce this growing phenomenon. The MPhil phase will be dedicated to investigating the problem domain. The research will focus on developing an understanding of the current state of cybercrime awareness in Saudi Arabia. This will include investigating through direct data collection and analysis via surveying of citizens and organizations in the kingdom. The PhD phase will seek to use the understanding gained in the early research to design and develop a suitable framework that enables the interaction of relevant parties in terms of both awareness raising and reporting paths. The suitability will be evaluated with appropriate stakeholder groups, with the outcome intended to provide a novel approach that could be adopted by other countries with emerging growth of online technologies.

Mr Faisal Alotaibi

Director of studies: Prof. Steven M Furnell
Other supervisors: Dr Ingo Stengel, Dr Maria Papadaki

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