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Mr Andreas Plies

Research Student

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Enabling identity based trusted telecommunication: ensure confidentiality and authenticity in personal business communication

The proposed research intends to investigate extensions over current developments and standards in the areas of VoIP security and digital identity, providing a security framework for trusted telecommunications in both private and business sectors.
This is further motivated by the problematic use of existing technologies. For example transportation of VoIP data is unencrypted due to the inexistence of shared cryptographic keys or the lack of a PKI (Geneiatakis, 2005)
Given the aforementioned vulnerabilities VoIP communications has become an interesting target for attackers, which perform eg. eavesdropping attacks, to threat the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of calls (Keromytis, 2009; Endler et. al., 2005). Telecommunication technologies and applications are expected to continue their exponential growth (Campbell, 2011) increasing the demand for advanced security solutions. Existing solutions addressing similar problems exist, e.g. the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (Baugher 2004) in conjunction with several key-agreement protocols. But their impact is limited due to lack of verifiable digital identity of the calling parties (Geneiatakis, 2005).
The objective of the MPhil phase is to evaluate current security protocols and technologies, which are used in the field of VoIP communications. These protocols will be examined from three different perspectives, namely applicability, VoIP security and user authentication. Furthermore, different approaches from the area of identity and trust management (IMS) will be evaluated. A first approach in terms of secure VoIP communications based on IMS has already been developed (Plies, 2013).

Mr Andreas Plies

Director of studies: Michael Massoth
Other supervisors: Dr Christoph Wentzel , Dr Ingo Stengel

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