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Mr Mark Schofield

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Study of best equivocation binary codes

Best Known Linear Codes (BKLC) aim to achieve an optimal balance between the code length (n), the message length (k) and the minimum weight of the code (d). Whilst an extensive library of BKLCs already exists, their use in wiretap channels and other similar scenarios may not always provide the most effective or efficient solution.

The project will study binary linear codes with the aim of identifying further codes and developing cryptosystems that reduce the amount of information leakage to eavesdroppers listening via channels such as the Binary Symmetric Channel.This will be achieved by examining the equivocation rates and capacities of different codes and combinations of codes using an algebraic or numerical approach. In this way, the amount of information available to an illegitimate eavesdropper can be minimised.

The project will build upon recent work by Al-Hassan, Ahmed and Tomlinson (2013), using techniques such as syndrome coding (described by Cohen & Zemor, 2006) transmitted via the Wiretap channel (described by Wyner, 1975)

Mr Mark Schofield

Director of studies: Dr Mohammed Zaki Ahmed
Other supervisors: Dr Ingo Stengel, Prof. Martin Tomlinson

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