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Mr Fakhrul Mohd Zaki

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Improving Incident Response for Insider Threats

Cyber threats are usually originated from external entities. From hacking to data-stealing, those kind of threats are very commons nowadays. However, current evidence from Kaspersky Lab has shown that insider threats have also become common place as almost 30% of businesses worldwide have lost their sensitive business data due to the malicious activities by internal staff or trusted third parties. Their impact is often more acute, with incidents often leading to more severe consequences in information leakage, process corruption and sabotage. Detection and response of insider threats often presents additional challenges in comparison to external threats, and as such it requires further research. Existing research has so far focused on human behaviour and information behaviour in order to detect and mitigate insider threats.
The MPhil stage will focus on further investigation and survey of the challenges in incident response for insider threats. The research will include various types of malicious insider activities, the indicators that could reveal suspicious behaviour, as well as the existing approaches that could help organisations to test and develop more effective incident response plans. This includes the study of current practices by the organization such as the applied security controls and policies. The relevant information to define a context of data access will also be identified for preparing appropriate responses to incidents

Mr Fakhrul Mohd Zaki

Director of studies: Dr Maria Papadaki
Other supervisors: Prof. Steven M Furnell

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