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Mrs Hiba Al-Kawaz

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Forensic Facial Recognition of Multimedia Files

The forensic investigation of data from electronic media such as CCTV, digital camera, mobile and computers has become an important tool in the investigation of crimes. In particular, the use of facial recognition is frequently key to the identification and successful prosecution of a criminal. Research has studied face detection and facial recognition, and has tried to use these techniques in digital forensics to identify suspect faces and match them with a database. Research has identified many challenges in forensic facial recognition, for example image quality, a weak or partial facial print, face position and orientation, background illumination, expression and ageing.
The MPhil stage of the research will develop an understanding of the current state of the art in facial recognition with respect to its use within digital forensics. In particular, the limitations of current approaches will be established and a series of experiments developed to improve upon them. It is envisaged this will include methods that involve image quality, facial orientation, facial variation, partial face images and facial aging

Mrs Hiba Al-Kawaz

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Prof. Steven M Furnell, Dr Fudong Li

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