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Mr Hussam Mohammed

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Digital Forensic Analysis of Big Data

Increasing interest in and the use of big data and cloud computing services presents both opportunities for criminal exploitation and challenges due to the lack of support for forensic investigations. Extremely large datasets found in big data projects are difficult to work with using conventional databases, statistical software, and visualization tools. Therefore, analysis of big data is a key challenge for researchers. However, intelligence could play a key part in digital criminal investigations, but the lack of intelligent and flexible tools to help forensic experts with the analysis phase is a significant issue. Traditionally digital forensics uses queries to find data, whilst intelligent forensics could use approaches that enable data to find queries, data to find data and queries to find queries. This research will explore the feasibility of developing forensics analyses of big data by using AI approaches.
The MPhil phase of this research will seek to develop a current state-of-the-art understanding of forensics analysis and correlation of cloud computing / big data. This phase will include a review of big data analysis. A focus will also be given to AI approaches and their applicability within this context. An initial feasibility study will be conducted to determine the viability of the proposed approach.

Mr Hussam Mohammed

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Dr Fudong Li

Journal papers

An Automated Approach for Digital Forensic Analysis of Heterogeneous Big Data
Mohammed H, Clarke NL, Li F
The Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law: JDFSL, Volume 11 Issue 2 Pages 137-152, 2016
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