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Mrs Hind Al-Obaidi

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Transparent Authentication Utilising Gait Recognition

During the last decade, personal mobile devices have become a ubiquitous technology with more than 6.7 billion user globally. Currently, in addition to communication, mobiles provide a wide range of services including but not limited to: internet facilities, financial information, commercial transactions and more recently health-based informatics. Securing such information is therefore essential and authentication is the cornerstone of providing effective security. Current approaches of user authentication tend to be intrusive and fail to take in to account user satisfaction and convenience. Therefore, transparent authentication systems using biometrics have been proposed that provide the opportunity for more convenient and secure authentication. There is however a need to develop more effective biometric modalities that operate in a transparent manner. Research has found that the gait recognition is an alternative authentication for mobile devices and is naturally non-intrusive authentication in its approach. However, whilst feasible within very controlled experimental settings, there are a wide variety of issues (such as changes in shoe, stress, and carrying bags) that directly impact the performance and reliability of the technique. It is therefore imperative to design an approach that can adapt to the differing real-life scenarios that will exist if this technique is to provide usability.

The MPhil stage will focus upon establishing the current state of the art and exploring the feasibility of gait recognition obtained from non-intrusive mobile sensors. The initial experiment will focus on the biometric features of the individual under various circumstances (e.g. walking/running, carrying a bag or not). In particular, the experiment will seek to establish the variability that exists within features and viability of developing a practical and robust gait recognition system.

Mrs Hind Al-Obaidi

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Dr Ingo Stengel, Dr Bogdan V Ghita, Dr Fudong Li

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