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Mr Artur Mertens

Research Student

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Competencies in Digital Brand Management

Today, over 80% of marketers concur that using tools within the scope of digital brand management are or could be important for their business. These tools are strongly establishing themselves as critical communication channels in creating and managing a brand as well as directly engaging its customers.
The challenge in that today is since the world wide web has become enormous and its extremely interactive technology evolves rapidly, the classic management of a brand, which was centrally controlled by the brand’s company, is no longer completely under control of the companies.
This poses the following problem: the requirements and core competencies needed to fulfill this newly defined and continually evolving role as a brand manager have not been extensively explored, documented or distributed as have those in the case of a “classic” marketing or brand manager.
The objective of this research is to benefit from the dualism of stability and flexibility: stability with regard to standard processes of creating a brand, which fundamentally do not change, and flexibility in exploring and cultivating the dynamic capabilities needed such that the key question can be answered: which competencies must one possess in digital brand management?
The approach in reaching this objective is to deep-dive into all relevant literature currently available on the subject matter. Then, to be able to understand in more detail how this process currently works “in the real world,” expert interviews and focus groups will be facilitated in order to gather data on practical examples in the workplace. Armed with this information, hypotheses can be formulated. In order to prove or disprove these hypotheses, a questionnaire will need to be developed and distributed to the appropriate audience. Based on the results of the survey, an empirical quantitative study can be executed. The result of the analysis will be to derive a set of guidelines on how to build and foster the competencies needed in digital brand management.

Mr Artur Mertens

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Matthias Schulten
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Martin Knahl, Prof. Steven M Furnell

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