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Ms Lena Gribel

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Acceptance factors of wearable computing: An empirical investigation

Despite the vast economic potential of wearable technologies, up to now there is only little scientific research on the acceptance determinants of the wearable computing phenomenon. Also, it is significant that both IT security related factors and personality variables in terms of salient acceptance factors have seldom been examined within the scope of information systems (IS) research.
Therefore, the MPhil phase focuses on a theory-driven identification and conceptualisation of the multifactorial causes of wearable technology acceptance in order to explain comprehensively the attitude formation towards such technological innovations. Based on IS research as well as both the field of IT security and personality psychology, this stage aims at drafting holistically the acceptance behaviour in the case of wearable computing by combining different research streams.

Ms Lena Gribel

Director of studies: Dr Ingo Stengel
Other supervisors: Prof. Steven M Furnell, Prof. Stefanie Regier

Conference papers

Acceptance Factors of Wearable Computing: An Empirical Investigation
Gribel L, Regier S, Stengel I
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Network Conference (INC 2016), Frankfurt, Germany, July 19-21, pp67-72, ISBN: 978-1-84102-410-3, 2016
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