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Mrs Sarah Alhammad

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Tracing Learning Environment in JAVA Programming Language

It becomes a fact that challenges associated with programming always be an obstacle to learning and teaching programming introductory courses. There have been various studies to define the learning programming challenges that finally concluded to the three types of knowledge known as syntactic, conceptual, and strategic. Defining the three types of knowledge facilitate the emerging studies to develop solutions that resolve student's weaknesses on the different types of programming challenges. Over the last two decades, researchers compete to design and develop methods and tools for supporting the process of teaching or learning programming.

The MPhil phase will seek to establish the current state of the art of existing programming learning environment studies aiming at comparing these studies. Most of the previous work contributes to solving the syntactical, conceptual and strategic challenges. The project aims to identify and then compare various platforms and tools that follow the visualization and iconic programming methods. The project will build upon the prior work undertake in this domain.

Mrs Sarah Alhammad

Director of studies: Dr Shirley Atkinson
Other supervisors: Dr Liz Stuart

Conference papers

The role of Visualisation in the study of Computer Programming
Alhammad S, Atkinson S, Stuart L
the Proceedings of the 27th Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group - PPIG 2016, pp. 5-16, Cambridge, UK, 2016
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