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Mr Hendrik Kuijs

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A PaaS framework for AAL services

The main goal of technology in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is to support and assist people in their daily life. As opposed to completed and current projects, where the whole computing power has to be installed in the user’s living environment, the proposed research focuses on delivering cloud based services for AAL to enable service providers (e.g., care givers or day care facilities) to deliver services through a customizable Platform as a Service (PaaS). For privacy reasons with regards to personalization of AAL services the PaaS is considered to run in a private cloud but may also be extended by services that run in the public cloud (e.g., third-party cloud providers). This hybrid cloud approach poses new challenges for personalization of services.
The MPhil phase of this research will deal with the architectural design of the PaaS for AAL. The PaaS will be designed for implementation in a private cloud with central, non-user-specific services in the public cloud. To aggregate context information for adaptation of services the PaaS has to interoperate with existing smart home environments. At this stage, privacy and security constraints have to be considered for the private cloud approach.
The PhD phase will evaluate the possibility to transfer adaptable (user-specific) services to the public cloud to dynamically adjust to changing resource requirements. This includes mechanisms and tools concerning data access policies for services and data flow transparency for the users to provide adaptation of services in the public cloud while preserving privacy.

Mr Hendrik Kuijs

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Christoph Reich
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Martin Knahl, Prof. Nathan L Clarke

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